Cardinal's Extended Family Care Program

As part of our continuing care to the families we have served, Cardinal Funeral Homes is committed to easing the administrative burden of a death on the survivors. At no charge, we provide survivors with information on how to begin the process of settling the deceased’s estate – such things as making claims for life insurance and survivor’s pension benefits, cancelling or changing information for credit cards, transferring vehicles.

Our experienced counselors are available to help you sort through the process of completing the necessary paperwork as the result of a death. You will need all of the following personal information that applies to the deceased’s circumstances:

Association, club memberships and subscriptions
Birth certificate
Bank or credit union institution passbooks/Worker’s compensation
Bills – telephone, utility, cable, etc.
Automobile ownership and insurance policy
Death certificate
Health plan card (s)
Cemetery deeds and ownership
Credit cards
Marriage certificate(s)
Income tax returns (previous two years)
Life insurance policy
Medical benefit cards
Military discharge papers
Mortgage and/or Loan agreements
Employee pension plan
Pay stub from employer
Real estate and property title deeds
Safety deposit box keys
Social insurance number
Will – formal or hand-written, and any codicils (additions)
Stocks, bonds, GICs, RRSPs, etc.