Top 3 Reasons to Start Pre-Planning Your Funeral

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We do it for weddings, career choices, vacations, graduations, when we become parents and many other major life events.  We spend days, weeks and often months thinking about and planning all of the big and little details for each one of them.  Yet when it comes to funeral pre-planning, it’s often the last thing we want to think about, much less get a plan down in writing.

This is often due to the fact that many don’t understand all that goes into planning a funeral because they’ve never had to go through the process.  Unless we have been part of planning the funeral of a loved one, we are simply unaware of the advantages of preparing in advance.

For more than ninety-five years, we have helped thousands of people with the process of getting their end-of-life affairs in order beforehand.  And the following are just a couple of the benefits we’ve found that were given to those who do.

  1. It gives you comfort in knowing that everything has been taken care of ahead of time and exactly how you would like your final farewell to be.

    This is a great opportunity to think about you can really personalize your service…in order to show off your unique personality and interests.

  2. Funeral pre-planning offers the opportunity for you to prepay for the services to relieve your family of the financial burden when that time comes.


  3. It relieves your family of so much emotional stress while grieving.

    It’s obviously an extremely challenging time, and there isn’t a lot of mental and emotional capacity when in the throes of grief.  There are so many decisions the family need to make when a loved one dies.  So having the majority of these made for them beforehand frees them from the burden of wondering if their decisions are what you wanted.  It also allows for them to focus more on moving towards healing after the loss. 

I’ll leave you with a story that our Funeral Pre-Planner Katherine shared with me that speaks for itself.

On the day of the funeral service, Kathy and the staff were standing in the main lobby as the funeral procession was leaving the building.  A few moments later, the son of the deceased approached Kathy and told her this.

“Years ago when my father told me that he had prearranged his funeral, I was upset.   Whenever he had mentioned it previously to that, I always told him not to worry – that I would take care of it.”  But he never listened.  Today though, I am so glad that he took care of everything ahead of time.  Today, I can spend this time with my family and remembering how great a father he really was.”

For more information, please join us for our  webinar on April 27th where we will outline some of the initial steps you can take to plan for the “last event” that unites us all.  Click here to register, and we look forward to seeing you then!

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  • I do agree when you shared that you are able to relieve your family of the financial burden if you pass away someday by pre-planning your funeral. My friend just mentioned the other day that she is worried about her family in case she passes away someday as she just found out that she has a critical illness. I will suggest to her find a reliable service that can help pre-plan her funeral so she can take the financial burden off her family.

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