Watterson, Don - August 10, 1946 - August 16, 2017 - It is with great sadness that we announce the death of our beloved Don peacefully at home. He will be deeply missed by his loving wife and partner Frances Enchin, his stepchildren Aaron Enchin (Andrea Rataj) and Margot Enchin, the extended Watterson family, his extended Enchin family, and many friends and colleagues. Don was the founder of Curbside Cycle and was an active advocate of the cycling lifestyle. He was also a devoted member of the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre. Don was passionate about lifelong learning and closely followed global affairs. He was a voracious reader and loved to share diverse opinions. Don enjoyed travelling, especially to his beloved New York City. He appreciated his indigenous roots, embraced Jewish ritual and found a place in his heart for everyone. His cherubic smile, mischievous grin and self-deprecating sense of humour will be missed by all of us.

Shiva at 950 Shaw Street, Toronto

Monday, August 21 following service to 5pm and from 7-9pm.

Tuesday August 22 - 11-1pm and 2-5pm and 7-9pm.

Wednesday, August 23 - 11-1pm and 2-5pm


Please no flowers. If you wish, donations in Don’s memory may be made to:

The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre

416-924-6211 ex118


August 21, 2017
Bathurst Chapel
10:00 AM - 11:00 AM


August 21, 2017
Bathurst Chapel
11:00 AM


August 21, 2017
Private cremation to follow

Private Cremation to follow


November 10, 2017
Dear Frances, I'm so sorry for your loss! I just heard about it today! Don was such an amazing guy! I'll never forget the interest he took in my kids and how much he enjoyed being around them. This must be a such a difficult time for you. My thoughts are with you.
September 11, 2017
Russell Watterson
TO ANYONE WHO SAYS HE WAS FEARLESS THEY KNEW DON On his first day back home from his two years travelling and circling the globe, he wanted to go out for a beer. I was lucky to be allowed in a hotel at 18, we ended up at an old land mark ... The Edison Hotel on Yonge St at Gould, a country and western bar where all the great Canadian and US stars frequented. I'm thinking of Conway Twitty that night. From there we found ourselves at Danforth Tech, where he went to school; 'at that very moment'! He was free, invincible! He had just conquered the world and 21 years old. He jumped up grabbing the bottom branch of a thirty foot tree, and as with wings, flew to the top and grabbing the very top branch and hanging free as it bent into a complete horse shoe and stretched to its limits grabbing other branches to lower his weight till eight feet from the ground letting go he tumbled and rolled laughing across the grass. He was free flying and home. I have many other similar stories and memories travelling to the Bahamas and Mexico with Don. Each another and fearless wild time every time. Riding out a hurricane on his thirty foot sloop anchored inside the reef of Andros Island in the Bahamas all night - to swimming in Sonotes frequented by wildlife many people fear.
August 27, 2017
Anne Freeman
Don will be greatly missed at the Dufferin Grove Organic Farmers' Market. He was always ready to share a laugh, offer a kind word, or engage in lively conversation, and his steadfast support was greatly appreciated. I'll remember his mischievous grin, and think of him often. With heartfelt sympathy, Anne Freeman
August 24, 2017
Marlene (Sister)
My memories as a young girl herself, was to care and keep a watchful eye on the youngest siblings in the family, but when I reflect on my brother Don, it is very clear to me he was always my big brother. He lived large in my eyes. We were only one year apart, but if there is such a place for that certain someone special 'for me' it was my big brother Don. When I grew up with Don, I always thought that you were missing out if you didn't have a big brother. I demonstrated and looked up to Don in a way that I think sometimes made him feel a type of shyness when I was in his company, but at the same time I felt he understood me and cared. It was always that unspoken silent world between us. Don cared about all his siblings and loved them kind of in a way to the beat of his own drum, but I think it was a constant...even up to more recently when he found out that the youngest sibling in the family became ill...he was their for her. It was reiterated at the service, and I can attest to the times growing up with Don, both as a youngster and as a young adult; he had a fearlessness about him. Don would summon me many times over the years to take part in his projects; to do some of the grunt work too, but I would do anything for Don, even if it meant putting my bashful ways under wraps for a time. Im really glad I was their to cheer him on and witness his dream of the bike business when it was literally the side of the road, a very crude rendition compared to what he has built today. In talking to my sister recently, our conversation landed on the time in our lives when Don wanted to leave Toronto and start travelling. I can recall thinking back then, I really didn't want him to go, but it was time to spread his wings and off he went. Don was off to more exotic places "for the time." We didn't spend a lot of time together in our later years, but Don was always their for me when it mattered most. He cared for my Mom when she was ill over the years and helped make the great challenges of that task just a bit easier to bear. I was always proud of my brother Don, even through our struggles together. To see the many many attendees at his funeral service was an even greater testament to the person whom I knew, loved and charished over the years. I extend my heartfelt condolences to Frances and family for their deep loss of my brother Don; and to the many people whose lives he touched. You are in my heart and soul Don. Love Sis
August 22, 2017
Love Fiona and Pauline
Dear Frances, Aaron and Margo, please accept our condolences. We are so sad to hear about Don. I was so delighted you had found each other and that Don bought you blueberry ice cream and made you nice suppers Frances because you are so totally worth it. Wished we had had the opportunity to hang out in Toronto and NYC and join in a few more adventures with you and Don. Still we had a few including our trip to Ontario wine country in Fonthill, my visit with Margaret to To and your visit to us in London this year. Admired Don, liked that he was from Cabbagetown, developed his bike business, joined in your family and took the trouble to be a good buddy to your friends and had lots of opinions and was open to listening to mine! An all around good guy.
August 21, 2017
Elisabeth Pomès
I only talked to Don once at the JCC but in that short exchange I think I got an ‘aperçu’ of Don’s humanity. We were in a class in which I experienced some body pain. He saw me talk to the teacher about the pain I was experiencing. At the end of the class he came to me and, not only did he offer me some kind and caring words of encouragement, he also took the time to recommend some classes, which he thought would help. He did not have to do any of that, he did not know me as I was new to the class. But he took the time to connect with me and provide some good advice. It was a gesture of kindness and humanity. On that day I was very grateful to have met a kind and caring man. We never got a chance for another exchange, we merely saluted each other but it is something that I never forgot. My condolences go to you, Frances, and to all your family for the loss of such a gentleman. I am sad with you. Warmest regards, Elisabeth Pomès
August 20, 2017
Helen Breslauer
My sincerest condolences to you Frances and the rest of your family. I remember Don well from my days at the JCC, and then, to my surprise, he too was a regular at the Dufferin Grove Organic Market, as am I. I always enjoyed talking and kidding with him! My sympathies.
August 20, 2017
kathy kastner
Frances and fam: it is impossible to wrap my head around Don not being behind me in (almost every) yoga/pilates class: working out to the beat of his own drummer, yes, but always there and aware and caring for everyone 'round him. As with all who knew him, I will miss Don terribly. I'm thankful I got to know him and witness his joy in having his Frannie in the class - albeit in a different corner. His spirit and memory will continue to inspire and delight.
August 19, 2017
Pamela Wright & Peter Mason, Amsterdam
We had the pleasure of a short acquaintance with Don and Frances, since my son Paul Klaassen introduced us about eight years ago. I know that Don was a big influence in Paul's life and appreciate the stability he provided at a time Paul could benefit from that. We have a lovely memory of a dinner with Don and Frances in Kensington Market somewhere, exchanging travel talk (we live in Amsterdam the Netherlands, bike haven of course, and my husband Peter is English, so some exchanges on that too). Don shared stories of Paul as a young man with me and introduced me to Elana White, both enriching for me. The description of him as lively, creative, well-informed, mischievous, and supportive all fit with what we perceived in our short time of acquaintance. Our sincere condolences to Don's family and friends, who will surely miss him. The memories stay with us.
August 18, 2017
Ophira Sutton
It is with great sadness that I am writing these words. Don, I still cannot believe that you decided to just part. You were a lot of fun. Laughed at life and enjoyed every bit of it. You had the ability to not take life seriously... Years of vacationing in Mexico, then New York, South beach, were always digging the next adventure. When Francis called today I was sure that you were looking for vacation apartment rental somewhere fun...if I know you right this is exactly where you are now...just no relatives or friends know the location yet...Don we love you and will miss you! Ophira, Henry, Natalie (pickle face) and Eliana
August 18, 2017
Andrew Jacob
Dear Fran and family. I am so saddened and shocked by Don's sudden passing. I would see Don almost on a daily basis at our beloved MNJCC and welcomed his views and at times contrary opinions, which we often shared, as well as his love of cycling and urban affairs. Please accept my sincerest condolences. andrew
August 18, 2017
Lissa Paul and Geoff Bubbers
Dear Frances, Aaron and Margot Please accept our condolences on Don's sudden death. Our thoughts are with all of you as you attempt to negotiate his loss. We all admired Don's commitment to cycling in the city and to the ethos by which he lived his life. Lissa Paul and Geoff Bubbers