April 20, 2016
12 - 1 p.m.


April 20, 2016
Cardinal Funeral Homes Ltd. Chapel - 366 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5T 2S6
1:00 p.m.

Burial / Entombment / Cremation

Private Cremation


August 22, 2023
Bradley Cheveldayoff
Rest in Peace, my brotha
February 28, 2023
Rockstar games publicist Mike
so sorry to here about the loss of this young man, we've been contacted his friends who asked if he could be put in out upcoming game, the "nikov" russian mobster enemy type will appear in Grand Theft Auto 6 as a memorial to this avid gamer using scans of photographs sent to us. a tough enemy that upon defeat will grant the player the "mobster tracksuit" and the revolver weapon.
November 29, 2022
Abe Lincolns
When we die we go bye-bye
November 17, 2022
fleeting out time is on this world we must all come to terms with this, but even then the untimely death is always so ultimately heartbreaking, to imagine this kid, my classmate for four years had lived for nothing and had his life so carelessly taken from him over a petty squabble is disgusting i remember Gabe in class he was a loud, funny, cool and kind, he would always liven up my day with his classclown behavior. i remember the time he punched a window boy, Your fave was red! but in all seriousness Gabe was a unique one in a million kind of guy and i will never forget his optimism and love. even now i still cant get over it, why was my friend chosen to leave us so early? how is that just? his untimely end still racks my mind, why was he out at that tim hortons? i could have been anyone why my friend? he not Prepared to go yet. but god has a plan for everyone, so glad he never got to deal with covid or the recession now he is In the eternal flames of glory the forever boy, pranking and laughing with all the other forever boys and that he can enter out hearts at any moment to give us a little tinkle and remind us that he's there. he was a prankster and a big creative drawing on the desk and in books while the teachers taught, he would even draw the teachers, he had talent. ending such a creative so early is heart breaking, it was shocking then but Gabe just know we will all see you soon and of course i wont forget to tell your mommy i love her. i think about big gabe all the time, listen to the soundcloud, we forever lost an interesting man, a peter-pan who never got to grow up. remember when you told me you were falling? sad times, when you fought people, but thats all in the past you are forgiven, beautiful loud boy in my gym class, boy I heard shaq's song dedicated to you Gaza , that song is gonna be up soon.hope shaq can make more music, till then inside our hearts, Gabe Constantine nikov gone but not forgotten forever in the zeightgiest love you man BG WORLD to infinity and beyond
March 20, 2019
Jack georgetti
Hey this is late but Gabe was An amazing friend and an awesome conversationalist. I definitely miss him and he had such a positive impact on my life.
May 02, 2016
Rest in peace sweet Gabriel. Your beautiful, loving passionate soul will be missed dearly. You will never be forgotten and know you are loved very dearly. My blessings to your family. Your heart was as big as the planet. We have a wonderful angel looking over us. XX Rest in Paradise XX
April 22, 2016
Mary-Ann Beeby
My heartfelt sympathy to Gabe's family. My son was friends with Gabe and they played rugby at Harbord. Gabe was a beautiful young man with a beautiful soul.
April 20, 2016
Jocelyn Cerezo
I am so sorry for the passing of your beloved son. As a mother, you must be devastated to what happened to Gabriel, It must be tearing your heart. I hope that you will find comfort and peace from your family and friends. I will pray for you and Gabriel's soul. I live near you on Dennison Ave. I hope to bump in to you. I go to church at St Stanislaus church every Sunday at 12:30pm. Gabriel is my son's schoolmate from Harbord and Central Tech Academy. May Gabriel's soul may rest in Peace. Sincerely, Jocelyn Cerezo
April 20, 2016
Jamie Malcolm
Sending our most sincere condolences, our hearts are breaking for you, Karen, Jamie and Heather Malcolm
April 19, 2016
Kim Palermo
My deepest condolences to the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this time.
April 19, 2016
Bob & Sue Buckley
Hi Kelly So sorry to hear about Gabriel. Sue and I have been praying for you. Our thoughts and prayers have been heavy on our hearts since hearing about your loss. Blessings, Bob & Sue