Son of Mychaylo and Tekla Wowk. Brother of Roman Bohdan Wowk. Peter graduated from the University of Toronto and began his Professional Engineering career at Cole Sherman on July 14th, 1981. In 2011 he moved on the SNC Lavalin, where he worked for twelve years. Peter was a very loving and caring man, who always quoted his mother’s words “We live in God’s Backyard”. He was a wonderful brother with a great heart for helping people. To some of his younger staff members, he was seen, not only as a mentor, but also as a father figure. Peter enjoyed life. He loved sports and trying all kinds of International cuisine. He loved attending air shows and dreamed of becoming a fighter pilot and flying the F-15 Eagle. He was even accepted into the Royal Military College in Kingston. Believing this was too risky, Peter’s father ultimately persuaded him to study Civil Engineering at the University of Toronto instead. Peter was an avid member of the Ukrainian Scout group, where he loved to organize summer camps. A devout Ukrainian Catholic, Peter volunteered at his parish and helped Ukrainian refugees

May he rest in peace



June 24, 2023
St. Nicholas Ukrainian Catholic Church
10:00 AM


June 24, 2023
St. Volodymyr Cemetery, Oakville
11:45 AM

Burial Time is an estimate


July 04, 2023
Terry Lubinski
Dearest Roman, I write this with great sadness over the unimaginable loss of a great man, your brother Peter. It is tragic that Peter’s life ended so early and it is such a heartbreaking loss for all those that loved him. My deepest condolences I’ve known Peter my entire life. We grew up next door to each other. Peter was 5 years older. Your brother and my dearest friend Peter was my role model. He had great integrity and was someone I greatly admired. Let me tell you what Peter meant to me. Peter was a kind and passionate person. He had the biggest heart of anyone I knew. From boy to adulthood, Peter was always someone I looked up to. As a little kid I used to play ice hockey in the Wowk backyard. Peter would have me play goal and work on his slap shot. During the summer Peter would play baseball with me. Both of us being lefties Peter always worked on improving my throwing. We were both in Ukrainian scouts, Plast. Peter was a group leader and I was a scout. Peter took me to my first theatre movie, my first hockey game, my first baseball game. I even bought my first car off Peter. Later in our years Peters kindness never stopped. Numerous times Peter took me to New York City and Montreal to see to sporting events. Your love for sports, the Yankees and Maple Leafs was second to none. Of course those two teams also became my favourite teams. Almost 20 years ago I moved to Vancouver, but we still kept in touch. During my annual visit to Toronto Peter always made a point to take me out for dinner. The kindness and good heartedness is unprecedented. Peter always said I was a guest and not once would he let me pay for a meal. I was so glad when Peter visited Vancouver on one of his business trips. I took Peter sight seeing throughout the city and then hiking to Capilano Canyon. I got us lost in the forest, but the Boy Scout leader, Peter got us out of the woods. I was then finally able to take Peter out for dinner. Above all else Peter cherished his parents. He would take his parents to church every Sunday. He took them out for dinner. Even simple things like just taking them out for car rides. When something needed to be done Peter was always there. Most of all Peters parents were so thrilled when Peter got accepted to The University of Toronto. When Peter became an civil engineer the parents could not be more proud. Finally but most importantly Peter always enjoyed doing things with his brother Roman. They were inseparable. Not only were they brothers they were best friends. The brotherly love, loyalty, care and support they the had for one another was unprecedented. They played sports together, later they went to sporting events together, they travelled together. Through hardship and through happiness they were always there for each other. All the way through adulthood they made a point to see each other daily. I speak for all when I say Peter was “the worlds best brother!” Peter you touched the lives of so many people. You left us too soon. You were a big influence in my life. I will always find happiness in all the joy and memories you have given me, ones that I will cherish forever. Thank you my friend, may you Rest In Peace alongside your beloved parents. Roman I can’t imagine how painful this loss is for you. Words fail to express my deep sorrow and I share in your sadness as you grieve for the loss of your brother. Peter and you will always be in my heart. Terry Lubinski
June 30, 2023
Walter Sklierenko
Gone way too soon RIP Petro Вічная памʼять
June 29, 2023
Michael P. Maciuk
Dear Roman, I extend my sincerest condolences upon learning of the untimely passing of your brother, Peter. I wish to express my deep sympathy and offer my support during this difficult time. Peter and I shared a significant bond that originated during our high school years. Our camaraderie extended beyond the classroom, as we frequently dined together, spent leisure time in each other's company, and actively participated in the Plast Ukrainian Scouts, attending various camps and events. Moreover, Peter honored me by serving as a member of my wedding party, creating lasting memories that I hold dear. The loss of Peter at such a young age is profoundly distressing. His remarkable character was characterized by unwavering integrity, a delightful sense of humor, and unwavering loyalty. He consistently demonstrated his reliability and readiness to assist whenever called upon. I am grateful for the opportunity to have visited him at the hospital a few weeks ago, although I was unaware that it would be our final encounter, bidding him farewell. May Peter find eternal peace as he rests, and may our paths cross again in the future. During this period of bereavement, please know that I am available to provide any support or assistance you may require. With deepest sympathies, Michael Maciuk
June 27, 2023
Daria Kowalyk
Sincere condolences to the whole family! There are wonderful memories of Petro and our time in Plast. From our early youth days to the many years he spent as a counsellor and group lead, Petro shared his knowledge and had a positive influence on many young people in Plast. Тихо спи... без тривог! Вічна Йому Пам'ять!
June 26, 2023
Tony Bosco
It is with deep sadness to have found out today about the passing of Peter - I learned a lot from Peter in the short 2 years we worked together at Cole Sherman between 96-98. I was only too happy to receive his call years later asking about my experience with SNC Lavalin and was glad to see Peter continue his professional journey where I too shared fond memories. My sincerest condolences to Peter's brother and all his friends and colleagues. May he rest in peace with his parents.