Vincenzo Arone Born, April 28, 1931 in Cardinale, Cz, Italy, and passed away May 8, 2021. Vincenzo is predeceased by his loving wife Regina Salerno, his brother Federico Arone and his parents Agostino Arone and Maria Caterina Nistico'. He is missed by his children Maria, Agostino {Tracy), Albina {Albino), and Salvatore. He is loved by his grandchildren, Anthony, Addison, Vincent, Joshua, Chiara, Angelica and Elijah. Remembered by his sister Graziella Arone-Pellizzer (Sarino) and his nieces Mariarosa, Valentina, Maurizia and Francesca and their families in Italy. The Arone family appreciates the kind words and condolences expressed by family and friends, during this difficult period. We thank the doctors and nurses at Toronto Western Hospital for the kindness shown and care given to Vincenzo his last 3 days. In lieu of flowers, if desired, a donation to "Sick Kid's Foundation" or "Toronto Western Hospital" is appreciated.

The mass will be livestreamed - the website is

Due to the current Covid - 19 restrictions in Toronto that allow a maximum number of guests to attend a funeral, the service details will be kept private and attendance will be by invite-only.

The family thanks you for your support and understanding during this challenging time.



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May 13, 2021
Rose Dimitropoulos
Rest in peace Vincenzo Arone. You exemplify the immigrant success story. You came, settled, worked hard, never wavering in your purpose, your family. Your children and grandchildren are a testament to your story. You can now rest while joining God in heaven along with your loving wife Regina. God bless your eternal life. The Dimitropoulos Family.
May 12, 2021
Elsa Toffoletto
Cara Maria e Famiglia, Mi dispiace molto per la perdita di tuo Padre. Ricordo le piccole chiacchierate che Guido e tuo Padre facevano i primi tempi della tua trasferita nel vicinato. Io mi ricordo che quando andavamo a fare la spesa a No Frills, lo incontravamo e lui ci faceva vedere le sue casse di pomodori, tutto allegro per fare la salsa di pomodoro. Pensando a voi in questo tempo difficile.....
May 12, 2021
Ian Hennessey
To Maria, August, Albina, Sammy and your families: Many memories from Markham Street come to mind, but the one that to me epitomized your father and his abilities and his personality was the day when he helped take down a Siberian Elm at Brighton that leaned the wrong way but got felled where it should be taken down. He then indicated the length of the rounds he wanted for firewood (about twice what I thought was reasonable), then proceeded to split them with two axes only. You must know that elm has so much cross-grain that a couple of years ago the Town that offered me some they wanted to take down on Little Lake Road at the back. I had no interest at all in it. And we will not go into the broken mirror on the truck that day. My thoughts are with all of you. Ian
May 11, 2021
Cheryl Hennessey
Dear Maria, August, Albina, Sammy and families - Your dad was an amazing father and neighbour. I have so many great memories of both your mom and dad over the years. I remember a long drive to Hockey Opportunity Camp to deliver Sean and Sammy and all of the sudden at a picnic table your mom pulled out a traditional Italian lunch (a feast!). One favourite memory for me was from Albina and Albino's wedding watching your dad singing and dancing with the greatest smile. Keep the precious memories at heart. Love Cheryl