June 16, 2020
Prospect Cemetery & Mausoleum
10:15 AM

Arrival time is estimated and is subject to change without notice due to changing weather and road conditions.


June 14, 2020
Maria Ines (Jorge) Baker
Dear Isabel and Cristina and family, We want to convey our deepest sympathy to you and all your family in regard to the passing of your Mother, Adilia. She is a beautiful, kind and sweet soul... always has been and eternally will be. My mother will miss the sweet friendship she had with your mom and the warm chats they had. We have all been so happy and grateful for this friendship. I know that how we miss her will not compare to the longing you will have for her presence. You've been so blessed to have such a loving caring mother, and I feel sure she will continue to be caring for you all. I pray that you and your family will continue to be blessed. Today our parish is opening up for the first time in months for adoration of the Eucharist. I went in and lit a candle in her honour and remembered her in my prayers in the presence of our Lord. My mother asks that I take flowers to your mom at a later date and place on her grave site. I'm honoured to do that in the near future. Heartfelt condolences and love from Silvia Jorge Maria Ines Baker Joseph and Theresa Jorge and our families