Elizabeth Anne Nichol was born on the 9th day of April, 1937 in Port Arthur which has since become part of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

She is survived by her two younger sisters, Jane and Susan, both residing in Thunder Bay. Liz graduated from Port Arthur Collegiate in 1956 then from Queens University with a degree in Math and Science.


She moved to Toronto to obtain her secondary school teachers certificate and taught, primarily at Central Commerce Collegiate in Toronto, until 1997. Liz married Don Nichol at the University of Toronto Chapel on January 13, 1967. 


During her life Liz pursued many interests including fashion, nature, figure skating, ballet, travel, cooking and many different crafts such as knitting, crocheting and decorating. She had a keen interest in and love of people. 


Liz will always be remembered for her kindness and generosity of spirit.



October 13, 2022
Cardinal Funeral Homes, 92 Annette Street
03:00 PM - 04:00 PM


October 13, 2022
Cardinal Funeral Home Annette Chapel
04:00 PM



November 21, 2022
Bobbie Ferguson
Dear Uncle Don, I was so very sad to hear of Auntie Liz’s passing. She has always been such a kind and gentle soul. As a small girl she was my smiling aunt from Toronto who always sent us west coast girls the coolest gifts. ❤️ rip Auntie Liz
November 17, 2022
Avis Nichol
Dear Uncle Don, Just heard about Aunty Liz and wanted to reach out and send you all of our love. I will always remember when I visited in '68 and Aunty Liz made my day taking me shopping in down town Toronto, just her and I. A very special memory.
October 16, 2022
Steven and Patricia Shapiro
Our deepest condolences to the family of Liz Nichol - a lovely lady who was very helpful to us in past years! We loved her very much!
October 14, 2022
Pinky Schultz
What a lovely celebration of Liz this afternoon--it was so evident through the stories people of her generosity and love of life that she touched so many people, created caring communities and left the world a better place. Dad was so fond of her--stories of times in Thessalon and of visits to Port Arthur are affectionately woven through his written stories. She was always so warm and welcoming to the cousins from out west....thank you for that Liz. Don, our hearts are with you. The stories people told of the two of you this afternoon are a testament to the two of you and the couple you were. It's good to know that you have such a strong community around you to support you moving forward. With love.
October 13, 2022
Charlene Day
Don and family Sending you lots of love and light. My thoughts are with you
October 13, 2022
Rosalind Vrkljan and family
I am very sorry for your family's loss. My dad spoke very fondly of his cousin Liz and I remember nothing but kindness in which she radiated during conversations I had with her.
October 13, 2022
Austin Swalwell, Jessie Swalwell, Thomas Swalwell
love you great aunt liz we will miss you
October 13, 2022
Many thoughts to you Don, and friends. I am so sorry about this sad news. Love from France
October 13, 2022
Margaret Aris
So sorry to hear about Liz. I have so many fond memories of her both at school and at camp. What fun we had in the "good" old days! Thinking of you, Don. Love Marg
October 12, 2022
Joan Adamson
Liz: Prone to laughter. Interested in people. Lover of beauty. Always with the food so good you forgot it was healthy. Don, together you and Liz traveled far and wide, always welcoming more people into your lives. In later years, you have helped and guided Liz to a far different place, one where she can now rest and have peace. Bless you.
October 12, 2022
Rose Rongits
Don, what an absolute blessing it has been to meet you and Liz in our neighbourhood several years ago. Our morning 'coffee and bagels' together were something I treasured. Liz's innate loving and kind nature was so apparent, even as she faded ever more away from us. I will forever remember her beautiful smile, our conversations about her experiences as she was slowly leaving us, the times we 'swayed' together to the music (her from her chair), and her wonderful Mandala colourings. Dear Liz, you are free now to soar through the heavens, as you so liked to do. What a beautiful life you lived. And Don - looking forward to more coffee and bagels! Love, Rose
October 12, 2022
Judi Ed
We are so sorry to hear about Liz.Her laughter was alway infectious.Mom always treasured her visits with Dot and Liz. Love,Judi and Don
October 11, 2022
Julie Spangler
Liz has been a model of hospitality and caring to me ever since I met her 45 years ago. Her sense of humor, her generosity of giving, her open heart to all around her continues to sing in my soul even as she has departed. I know the angels surround her and sing her life song with joy, as that is how she lived. We will miss you Liz. Don, your joy in life continues, to the benefit of us all! We look forward to seeing you.
October 11, 2022
Susan Munro
I am very blessed to have met both you and Liz 16 years ago. I consider you both amazing people and am glad that I had the opportunity of helping in the last little while.
October 11, 2022
Marilyn Gilbert
May Liz' memory be for a blessing as she was a blessing to all who knew her! Love, Marilyn
October 10, 2022
Kenneth Plotnik
Dear Don, I'm so happy that I had a chance to visit you and Liz in August. You and Liz are two of the most gracious persons I've ever met. We've known each other since 1966--Liz was only 29. The three of us have lived together and Liz and I have worked together. Knowing both of you has enriched my life enormously. I will look forward to meeting Liz again in heaven. Don, you must come visit with us whenever you can. Love and condolences to you.
October 10, 2022
Beryl Mercer
Dear Don, We have just heard about Liz. My favourite memory of her is in the kitchen in a long cotton dress, cooking away, smiling, and chatting with everyone. I will always remember her as kindness and goodness personified. We will miss her. I am unable to make it to her service but I hope you will be able to visit us soon. I send you my condolences.