January 25, 2013
5 - 9 pm


January 26, 2013
Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church, 54 Clinton Street, Toronto Ontario, M6G 2Y3
11 am

Burial / Entombment / Cremation

Interment: Prospect Cemetery, 1450 St. Clair Avenue West, Toronto Ontario, M6E 1C6


December 14, 2015
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December 10, 2015
I recall meteing Mr. Jordan at the old Chapter Two bookstore in Charleston, SC (down on East Bay Street, for those of you that have been down to the Lowcountry); he was as nice a man as you'll ever meet. He would share kind words with each and every person who proffered their books for his signature. I still chuckle when I think of my wife (then a Physics undergrad at College of Charleston) and Mr. Jordan joking about a real life use for Schrodinger's Cat explanations. I wish him a safe journey onward into the next life. [url=]yzndhdqczxw[/url] [link=]ddlsxchu[/link]
December 04, 2015
i have so much anger about the Mumbai attacks that i cant even begin to eesrxps it. i dunno what kind of people are capable of doing it. can u blv, they shot at the dogs too!!!! imagine how messed up their minds are No one is even going to claim their bodies serves them right!the Taj, Oberoi buildings are at a stone's throw from my workplace. i have to see the destruction every single day. but are we forgetting those 48+ people who died in the CST attacks? lets not forget them.Our Armed Forces have always been the saving grace otherwise these Neta logs wud have drowened us in the Arabian Sea. more than the boat, its the Vote that is bringing these vulture on us..about Maniac i am busy trying to dry my tears. :'( she was always so nice to me. maniac, tussi naaaaaaaa jao i promise to not to comment in my silly ishhhtaill (errrrr, i did it again) if u promise to not to leave. stay here (Freya sings Please dont go! Your' the only maniac' i Knowwwww ):'(:'(
February 02, 2013
Eric and Zoe Smyrniotis
As the days have passed, the loss of our dearest yiayia leaves an even deeper void in our hearts and reality begins to settle in. The absence of her witty sense of humour and her feisty personality is what we are missing the most. Although she is physically gone, her spirit is felt around us each and every day. We love you and miss you Yiayia. May your memory be forever eternal.
January 29, 2013
Jamie Peng
My deepest condolences to the Alexopoulos and Smyrniotis families. I will miss seeing Yia Yia's beautiful smile and youthful energy. May you seek solace in the knowledge that an angel is looking over you now. Love, Jamie and Peng Family
January 29, 2013
Mary Smyrniotis
Although this time has been extremely difficult for my family and I, it is important to remember the wonderful memories that my yiayia has left us. She was full of life even when she was ill. She never left the house without make-up, always took care of her skin with creams, danced when she wasn't particularly feeling well and insisted on being the first guest at every family fucntion. Her energetic spirit will never be forgotten and our love for her will be eternal.
January 25, 2013
Donna Katona
Our deepest sympathy and condolences in this time of loss the Katona family
January 24, 2013
Nick & Maria Kalantzis & Family
O Theos na tin anapafsi. Eternal be her memory.
January 23, 2013
Anna De Corso
Words cannot express how sad I am for the loss of the dear Mrs Sofia. She was very ,very dear to me and will always have a special place in my heart. To the whole family we would like to extend our deepest condolences, our thoughts go out to them. Anna & Donato De Corso