Melissa Christine Sayers

Melissa (Missy) Christine Sayers passed away suddenly at her home on March 13, 2023, in her 29th year.

Missy has returned to be with her ancestors in the spirit world, living only briefly in this world.

Missy is greatly missed by her two children, Kayden-Anne, 11 years old, and Craig Jr (CJ) Macdonald, eight months, created out of love and grieved for by her life partner Kyle Francis Macdonald.

Missy is survived by six siblings, Daniel, (Tara), Charleana, (Tyrell), David, Anna Mae, Elizabeth (Lizzie), and Justin; her father, Jon Martin; and her uncle Bill Martin.

Missy is dearly loved and will forever be missed by her many cousins.

She is also missed by her extended family, who became her aunties and uncles when they were lovingly taken in and symbolically adopted by her Kokum Geri, when they came to live in Toronto.

Missy was greeted at the Western Doorway by her mom, Colleen Sayers, her Kokum, Geraldine (Geri) Martin, her Mishomis, Richard Bedwash, her grandfather Bill Martin, her uncles Mike (Tina) and Chuck Martin, and all of her ancestors.

Missy was on maternity leave from her work at Native Child & Family Services, where she worked as a youth councillor. She will be loved forever by those she helped.

Forever in our hearts



March 26, 2023
Native Canadian Centre of Toronto
02:00 PM

Burial / Entombment / Cremation


April 25, 2023
I am so shocked to hear of her passing. Missy was one of my first loyal tattoo clients. She was a very sweet human being.. my deepest condolences to her family.
April 16, 2023
I am so sorry for your loss. Missy was a great worker to me and I will miss her deeply.
March 24, 2023
Missy was always a little happy soul with a smile. She loved to dress up and brush her hair which caused lice and as many times as you told her it never mattered to her. She then blossomed into a young woman who was smart, beautiful as always, independent, and she had a lot of integrity. She never depended on anyone and maybe she should have. One thing I know for sure is that there will be many stories to be able to share with her children as they grow. Missy wasn't just a mother but she was a sister, a niece a grand daughter and a considered by many as an amazing friend. Missy I will always carry you in my mind thoughts and heart until we meet again. Auntie will always love you babygirl
March 24, 2023
Dean G.
So sorry for your lose she was a funny and happy girl she will be missed
March 22, 2023
Anne Riley
Melissa will never be forgotten. Tenacious, loving, funny, smart, wise and quick to understand without judgement, it was such an honour to get to know this young Kwe. My sincere condolences to her mother and father, Colleen and Jon, and to all her siblings and community but especially to her most special bundles, Kayden and CJ. May she rest in the peace she deserves.