July 4, 1917 - February 21, 2011 Priscilla (Isabel) De Azavedo was the loving wife to the late Caetano De Azavedo. Beloved mother to Cynthia (late Tom), Peter (Violet), Maura (John), Joyce and Florinda (Mirek). Priscilla was loved by her 11 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. "Priscilla was a loving, generous, wonderful woman who had a great zest for life. She will be deeply missed but fondly remembered by all who knew her"


February 24, 2011
2 - 3:30 and 6:30 - 9pm


February 25, 2011
St. Peter's Church (659 Markham St.,Toronto, entrance of the church faces Bathurst St.) Parking available on Markham St.

Burial / Entombment / Cremation

St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery (Simcoe, Ontario)


September 07, 2013
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August 28, 2013
WOW! This is a GREAT idea! I just sent a link to Joyce's wiki to my Reading Specialist. I'm going to coax her into helping me crtaee a resource like this for our K-5 teachers. Our teachers, and families, would appreciate having all of the resources in one place!
March 11, 2011
Olwyn and Maria Vaz
Dear Cynthia, Peter, Maura, Joyce, Rinda and Families: We were very sad to hear of your Mum's passing away (from Angela and Chris Furtado). Mum used to write us often before and we had not heard from her for a long time. The years go by quickly. When the Lord calls our loved ones home, he leaves a gift of memories in exchange. Thinking of you all during this difficult time. With deepest sympathy.
March 02, 2011
Arthur Rodrigues
Please accept my deepest sympathies for your loss. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the funeral because of other committments. Your family is in my prayers. Sincerely,
February 28, 2011
Mena D'Sa
Dearest Cynthia,Peter,Maura,Joyce,Rinda & families, Please accept our sincere condolences on the passing away of your dear mother. We were neighbours in Nairobi South 'B' Zanzibar Road.My mother (Mrs.Annie D'Sa R.I.P.) used to enyoy meeting uip with your mum and dad annually at their apartment in Candolim, Goa. Joyce, I understand you have made contact with my sister Sandra. You will remember my dad Angelo D'Sa, Edgar and myself. May your mum's soul rest in peace. God Bless.......Mena
February 27, 2011
Jacklyn Greenshields
Dear Maura & Family, Please accept my sympathy on the passing away of your Mother. My prayers are with you. Love, Jacklyn Greenshields
February 26, 2011
Dear Cynthia,so sorry I couldnt make it to the service.Please accept our heartfelt condolences.Love Nina/Peter
February 25, 2011
Myrtle and Robert Lesco
Dear Peter, Violet and the Azavedo family, Please accept our condolences on the passing of your mum. She was a very witty person and I enjoyed talking with her the few times we met.I remember the molasses and milk drink she liked. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
February 25, 2011
Michael D'Cruz
Deepest condolences to the Azavedo's from the D'Cruz family. May she rest in peace. Michael, Iris, Christian and Michaela
February 25, 2011
Menino and Amalia Furtado
We have all lost a gracious,loving,and much loved spirit from our lives. We share your sorrows. With deepest sympathy. Amalia and Menino Furtado.
February 24, 2011
Don Low
Joyce: so sorry to hear of your lose. Our thoughts are with you. Don
February 24, 2011
Ralph Cordeiro(Kelowna, B.C)
Dear Joyce My deepest sympathy to you and the rest of the family. I remember so fondly spending time with your family as a teenager in Nairobi South.
February 24, 2011
Kelly MacDonald & Neil McCormick
dear Joyce, Florinda and all the family, please accept the condolances of myself and Neil. It is never easy to lose a loved one especially a mum even at an advanced age. We enjoyed Pricilla's company and her wit, especially when we'd would be sharing a glass of wine and she would be sitting serenely as Joyce rushed about getting dinner ready. Her comments and stories in response to Neil's questions were always interesting and insightful. Our thoughts are with you and with her.
February 24, 2011
Marian and John Lopes
Dear Peter, Violet, Maura, John, Joyce, Rinda and Cynthia - our deepest sympathies and prayers are with you on the passing away of your dear mother. Marian and John Lopes
February 24, 2011
Sandra and Evarist Correa
Please accept our deepest condolences.My parents (late Selwyn & Betty D'Souza) were very good family friends of the Azavedo family. We shall remember Priscilla and the entire Azavedo family in our prayers. Sandra & Evarist Correa
February 24, 2011
Edgar Saldanha
DEAREST JOYCE AND THE WHOLE FAMILY my deepest sympathies to all of you on the loss of my beloved Godmother. May God give you the courage to bear this great loss.
February 24, 2011
Orlando and Lourdes Fernandes
Dear Peter and Violet and the Azavedo family, We send our deep sympathy on the passing of your mother. She will be in our prayers and may her soul rest in peace. Orlando and Lourdes
February 24, 2011
Wayne Haymer
Joyce: It was just a few weeks ago when I was asking about your mother so this news comes with so much sadness. You always spoke about her fondly and I always remember your looking forward to your visits with her in India. My thoughts are with you and your family now.
February 24, 2011
Patty Denbok
Joyce, Rinda and family, We are so sorry for the loss of your mother. What a lovely, highly memorable person she was. It must have been a real gift to have had more time with her over the past several years. No doubt, losing such a mother must also be deeply painful. Our thoughts and prayers are with you at what must be a very difficult time. Love, Patty, Rob and Lucy
February 24, 2011
Francesca Lobo
Deepest sympathies to you and your families in your sad loss dear Cynthia, Peter, Maura, Joyce and Florinda. Your mother Priscilla was an amazing woman with an indomitable spirit, and we were very blessed to know her. God rest her soul and comfort and strengthen you. Francesca
February 24, 2011
Eunice and Ray O'Mahony
Our heartfelt condolences to you, Florinda and Joyce on your loss. I know you are going to miss her terribly. Our thoughts are with you and your family. Eunice and Ray O'Mahony