It is with heavy hearts that we announce the sudden passing of Vykki Pokletar. Vykki was the youngest child of Joseph and Julia Pokletar, Originally from Bucovina, Ukraine. Vykki was also sister to Peter who preceeded her and Paul who now resides in Florida, with her nephew James (Jake), His wife Dawna, and their children Alannah and Dylan. She was also Granddaughter of William and Frozina Marchuk, also from Bucovina. Vykki had a very special relationship with her Mom, and loved her very much, and now will lie next to Her and Grandparents. Vykki always wanted to be the best one growing up, and was very competitive with us, which was a hard thing to do. Early in life she suffered from a fireworks accident in which she lost most of the sight in her left eye. We didn’t really understand how serious it was since she didn’t use it as a crutch but just learned to deal with it and live with it. I still don’t know how she drove the streets of Toronto as she did with basically vision in only one eye. Pretty amazing. Our Mother was a true animal lover and that was instilled in all of us, but mostly in Vykki. I think at one point the two of them had about 15 cats and a few dogs between them. At times they would both lay claims of ownership to the same animals. After Mom’s passing Vykki kept the last of the cats with her. Vykki’s favourite of all time though, was Gordie, Her black lab. Vykki was very devastated when he passed, a few years ago. It was only recently that she was considering getting another, however smaller dog. Yes, Vykki was one of the people that fed the raccoons in her area, at times letting them in her house to get out of the cold. Although Vykki had a number of cars over the years, Her favourite mode of transportation was her motorcycle. I can’t remember if it was a 1970’s Yamaha or Kawasaki 500, but it was a powerful beast. Mom loved driving on the back of that thing with her.  They made Quite the sight going down the road. I guess Mom was still riding when she was 80 years old. Once again, amazing when you consider Vykki really only saw with one eye, and had arthritis in both of her knees. I only saw Mom on the bike a couple of times. I was incredibly fearful, but it was an amazing thing to see. Vykki had a kind and gentle heart. If Vykki knew you needed something Vykki would do her best to get it to you, even if it meant she had to buy or borrow to get it for you. Over the years, Vykki was taken advantage of by some who claimed to be her friends, but Vykki never sought to get back at them. In her later years, Vykki became much more reclusive, and kept to herself. She was friends with some of her neighbours and valued their friendhips. Vykki loved taking Gordie out for his walks, especially late at night. Vykki was a nitehawk. I remember she would get a book and when we were all waking up the next morning, Vykki was just finishing up reading the whole book that night. In the same way Vykki would spend many nights out on the local streets with Gordie. A couple restaurants would even wait for them to give Gordie some food or treats. The news of Vykki’s passing was a total shock to Jake and myself. We just never expected it could happen to Her. She always bragged about never getting a cold or flu, and couldn’t understand why we were getting colds down here in Florida. She always said she wanted to come and visit with us but could not leave her animals at home alone. We are all going to miss her very much.        



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