It typically takes 2 -3 hours to make funeral arrangements. The estate trustee should be in attendance, along with any other immediate family members. Legally, we must take our instructions and have legal papers signed by the estate trustee, although, in most cases, the immediate family members are the ones who make the decisions. If children or grandchildren want to attend the arrangement conference, we recommend letting them. Participating in the planning process can be an important part of their grieving. Also, we have found their input to be very helpful at times.

What you should bring to the Funeral Arrangement Conference:

  • The deceased’s social insurance number. We need the number and the Medical Certificate of Death in order to register the death with the province of Ontario.
  • Cemetery information, if a plot has already been purchased.
  • A complete set of clothing for the deceased, including underclothing (shoes are not necessary, but will be put on if brought in) and glasses (if worn).
  • A rough copy of the death notice or life history including all surviving family members, their spouses and places of residence, the deceased’s father and mother’s name including the mother’s maiden name.