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Due to the current pandemic restrictions and direction from our regulator, the Bereavement Authority of Ontario, effective January 5, 2022 all funerals and visitations will be by invitation only to limit the number of people in attendance and prevent the spread of Covid-19.  We encourage those that are unable to attend in person to express their sympathy by posting a message of condolence to our website, donating to a charity in memory or by sending flowers to the funeral home.




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September 26, 2022
Ross W
Deeply sad to hear of Robert's passing. He was not only a very skilled barber, but an extremely hard worker and always upbeat and chatty. I'd been going to House of Lords since the mid-2000's and followed Robert to Prince and then his own shop - House of Robert, which he was clearly very proud of - until I moved out of the city in 2020. My deepest sympathies to Robert's family and friends.
August 08, 2022
Bruce M.
I stumbled upon Robert at House of Lords some 12 or 15 years ago, and while I was living in the city, went exclusively to him. When House of Lords closed, I was lucky to find him again at House of Robert (although in a way you couldn't miss him or his infectious energy radiating through the window). When I didn't go to Robert I felt like I was cheating on him... but for special occasions or to look fresh for my sports competitions (Robert was aware of my ways and personal dramas), I always made it a priority. I wish I got to him more during the pandemic and took him up on an opportunity to hang. In our brief but frequent interactions, I learned a lot and always left with a sense of curiosity and wonderment. He was an interesting but genuine human being and made feel like I could be more comfortable in whomever I was becoming. Rest in peace old friend.
May 06, 2022
Rest in peace!!
March 26, 2022
Jessica, Scott and Ronan Campbell
My husband started going to Robert about 20 years ago, when he worked in Toronto. We still made trips into the city, after he wasn't working in Toronto anymore, so all of us could get a hair cut. Such a talented human, a kind and happy guy who we considered a friend. After we lost our young son, Robert was a source of comfort and compassion for my husband. We will miss him for sure. RIP my friend.. Xo
March 15, 2022
For the past 18+ years, I have trusted the skillful Robert Lien with cutting my hair. Like most of his loyal clientele, I followed him to his own barber shop from House of Lords after it had closed a few years ago. Last night, I learned the sad news that Robert passed away in January. He was always reliable, warm & extremely hard working, and I’ll miss his familiar face as much as the expertly crafted, lightning-fast hair cuts. Life is short & always changing. Cheers to Robert & my sincere condolences to his family.
February 14, 2022
Erik Joffe
Such shocking and tragic news. My deepest condolences to Rob's entire family. I knew Robert for almost 15 years. He was always a friendly, kind and wonderful person to be around. He took the time to ask about how his customers were doing, and he knew everything about my growing family over the years. He was always quick to ask me about my kids, my wife and my work. He was not one to complain to others about his own issues, and always put others first. I will remember sharing stories about Vietnam with him, talking about the next big "party time" and feeling that I was with someone who really cared whenever I was with him. He will be missed.
February 10, 2022
Chris Barker
I'm so sorry to hear about Robert and like with many, it was a huge shock to hear about his death. I had been going to see Robert for the last 15+ yrs, from his days at the House of Lords, up til a couple of months ago. He was a fun guy to talk to, always made you feel at home in his shop and such a people person. I always walked out of his place, feeling like a new person with a fresh hair cut and a smile on my face from something funny he said. I'm going to miss my visits every other month and world's light just got a bit dimmer! My deepest condolences to Robert's family and close friends!!
February 08, 2022
Steve Hobbs
Robert was equal parts artistry and joyous personality in his work, and both kept me a client of his for over a decade. I work in an appearance-oriented industry and owe a lot to his skill, but I'm also very happy to have gotten to know him a little. My dearest condolences to his family and loved ones.
February 02, 2022
Robert was and forever will be one of the most empathetic human beings I had the joy to meet. I’ll always remember him finishing my haircut and then proceeding to say with an ear to ear grin “time for party”. Whenever I say “5-10 minutes” I’ll be reminded of you Robert. Gone too soon.
February 02, 2022
Brad Oliver
My son Patrick and I have known Robert for years. He was like family. So genuine. Funny. Human and real. We love Robert. RIP my brother.
January 25, 2022
Christie Ladner Freeman
Robert was always kind and accommodating. I found his shop four years ago and knew he'd take care of me. I am disabled and use wheelchair and he sorted out how to cut and color my hair from my wheelchair. Robert trained other stylists (Young, Pam and Ahmed) how to do the same. I feel blessed to know him. He was professional, meticulous and one of a kind. I am heartbroken for his family and everyone at House Of Robert. May memories and love surround you always. Rest in peace, dear Robert. I'll miss you.
January 25, 2022
Robert was such a wonderful person and my favourite hairstylist. Always honest and kind. He really got to know me even though I only saw him for 15 mins once a month for 13 years. I always regretted getting a haircut elsewhere if I could not make it downtown but he would always fix it for me. He will be remembered for his contribution to many men’s mental health and presentability. Condolences to his family - especially his dear niece in Peterborough. He will never be forgotten.
January 25, 2022
Robert was my favorite stylist. He was always kind, never judged and always knew what I liked. May he rest in peace.
January 24, 2022
Steven Laskin
Robert was by far the best barber I have ever seen or met in my life... I'm 33 now, Robert has been cutting my hair for over 10 years, maybe 15... Everytime I saw him it felt like he was my best friend, and he always knew so much, and remembered so much about me... and taught me so much over the years just from those 10 minute sessions.. he was an incredible human being.... During the pandemic he came to my house... we really connected over our love for succulents and plants.... At my next haircut I meant to gift him a bulb flower that will keep growing forever, indoor during winter, in the ground outside for the summer... Now I will always grow this flower to remember Robert, a truly incredible and one of a kind human being - I am blessed to have known him.
January 16, 2022
Pamela Martin
Robert, you left us too soon. I still hear your voice in my head. You touched the lives of so many people. I will always cherish our time together. You were my employer, my mentor, my colleague, and my friend. When I came to work each day, you always had a smile on your face. You always made me laugh. I love how we'd joke around and tease each other in an adoring way. It's with deep sadness to know that I will not see you here again on earth, but your spirit and my memories of you will forever live in my heart. Thank you for everything Robert. My condolences to your family. Love, Pam